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Andrew's photography work started in the Bahamas in the late 90's, where he was working as a diving instructor. The Islands are used as a location for film, TV and advertising productions. He worked as a diving safety officer on several  productions and as an underwater photographer and videographer too.


In 2001, he moved back to London and whilst training at the Kent Institute of Art & Design, he worked for well known studios such as METRO and Parkroyal, where he assisted some of London's premier fashion photographers both in the studio and abroad. 


In 2005 Andrew's work changed, firstly as the sales & marketing director for a studio in the city, and after 3 years he went on to become the business development manager for a small international design agency and produced shoots and TVC's for clients also. 


In 2010 after getting married the previous year to his wife Gemma, they moved up to Rutland in the UK where Andrew got back behind the camera working full time as a photographer and writer, specialising in field sports and animal publications, as well as undertaking some commercial  product work for Rekordelig Cider.


Andrew lived overseas for most of his formative years. His schooling was undertaken in rural schools in the UK, where he was actively involved with farming, and country life. So quite naturally he enjoyed and made the most of his time in Rural Rutland. Andrew and Gemma moved to Sydney in March of 2013 and they are now enjoying being on the Central Coast with their son Felix. Andrew dives as often as possible producing some spectacular underwater portraits and animal imagery.

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